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Saree Collection With Its Types From Indian States :-

Types Of Sarees:-

Saree was an Indian women's first priority and they wear different types of saree in different ways in different functions. There are Fifteen types of Sarees such as Chikankari from Lucknow, Tant from West Bengal, Kasavu from Kerala, Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu, Bomkai from Odisha, Sambalpuri also from Odisha, Paithani from Maharashtra, Bandhani from Gujarat, Muga from Assam, Banarasi from Varanasi, Pochampally from Telangana, Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh, Konrad from Tamil Nadu, Leheriya from Rajasthan, Phulkari from Punjab. These all are types of sarees from different states of India. 

Banarasi Silk Saree :-

Banarasi silk saree is famous for its lavish beauty and even for their incomparable colors and design. As most brides used to wear this Banarasi saree to look goods in her Wedding. Banarasi saree are mainly made in Uttar Pradesh. Silk saree was a smooth as well as worked one.



Fancy Sarees :-

Fancy Saree is nowadays trending with the best production and yes even all the celebrities wear a Lycra Lace which is too fancy and appropriate for one of the Heroines. It looks very graceful when a contract's color matches more when fancy suits are gorgeous. 

Onion Color Silk Saree
Cream Color Fancy Saree Design 2021

Cotton Saree :-

Cotton saree is very cool and comfortable without suffocation, it is long lasting and washable easily. One can display her lady outfit as a cotton saree. It is made by raw material of cotton direct weaving in machinery. The saree was made with cotton glace shiny and newly bought  as that old is gold. Since very long cotton is on trend. 


Organza Saree :-

Organza saree was specially made with different material rather than other saree and yes even this organza is mostly found as printed, checked, Plain. These Organza Saree was the prettiest silk among all of Saree & quite the strongest fabric. It is typically weaving in plain checks material work. Richest legend celebrates having a mindset that if they wore an Organza then it looks more beautiful than they were.


Soft Net Saree :- 

Soft Net Saree was made with great design and wear to appear as a good personality, soft texture and smooth net. Which is not too expensive & not too cheap mainly found on occasions even in big functions. Popular across the globe, classically Sari; Traditional and Cultural wear of South India and North India. Most probably worn by Indian ladies. 


Georgette Saree :-

If you love to wear a silk touch then you definitely go through these Georgette Saree, it is a lightweight saree cloth which every lady wants to wear with comfort and extreme embroidery work. Crafted fabric available with purely good quality. One of best collection you can find on Georgette Sarees.    

Ruffle Sari :-

Ruffle saree was invented in Germany since the 15th century, to indicate  or be recognized as several layers of it and many layers minimum 3 to 4 layers each piece have. While these ruffle sari traditional craftsmanship was now precious and still keeps on trends in the modern field it is at first priority. Freshly it is worn by one and all ladies and dreamed one.   



Printed Saree :-

Printed Saree was so beautiful, cute, gorgeous, and awesome to wear. Sales of this saree was very high in the market; in this way Surat was at a very great place because these are made by Surat and give supply to many cities as well as states. Firstly it is of plain cloth then after it is dyed and after many processes, it is finally done printed all over.   



Plain Saree :-

Plain saree was mainly preferred by many wholesalers and retailers because India was the only country who made a lot of products on Clothes of Saree and even made a supply of it. Indian women and ladies are more interested in Sarees as they wear only saree in Functional work. Plain Saree was purchased to become more beautiful. Plain clothes of saree sell more as the customer makes their own choice.


Embroidered Saree :-

Embroidered saree was only done by embroidered machines. 200 stitches were made in one inch squares to make the saree beautiful. Hundred stitches per minute to make the saree more gorgeous and creative.              

Black Saree Design

Embroidered Royal Blue Saree Collection of 2021