Types of Saree Disha Parmar Wear That Must You Look


New glamour saree that is worn by Disha Parmar who is Indian Actress in Television and wife of Rahul Vaidya (Famous Singer); as well as she was a great model in her life. Disha was more pretty and fabulous than the photo you see. Her way of draping the saree makes her more attractive and yes, the saree also. Disha might be like the baby pink color and ready for her makeup that made us more clear about her.

            Selfie Saree

Bold eyeliner, long heavy earrings, and last but not the least simple chain with circular pedal. A beautiful black and pink belt watch that must be required in hand, Sleeveless blouse fine step draping saree that is hold by her which is plain baby pink color saree.

           Pink Silk Saree

The Disha looks ravishing in red pattern with ruffle style Saree that was as lovely and one sighted sleeve blouse. Simple diamond bracelet and ring that absolute glance Disha; green emerald pebble handing down towards diamond necklace. Has same the earring too and blouse is of maybe sequence.

              Red Ruffle

A simple but stylish yellow loose saree to add more of the saree that is light pink and white color shaded appearance, golden thin trip at the both end of bottom and top. To conclude further even a silver brod belt of fix in it more ever a black bindi to complete the look.

Yellow Stylish Saree

Yellow saree the copper gold oval shaped, long, light weighted earrings that match more; avoiding necklaces and any imitation in hand. Blouse is sleeveless and is of golden color.

                       Yellowish Pink Shade Saree
       Festival Saree
Another red saree that might be of banarasi cotton also wore a sleeveless blouse again; so through all these pictures of Disha parmar you got an idea that she loves to wear sleeveless more. The copper yellow color printed patta (type of border or belt). A traditional long mala with a cute imitation necklace, kundan bangles and long open hairstyle that gives a charming look to her.
                          New Red Saree
                   Beautiful Blue Saree
Beautiful Blue color saree that give an awesome look to Disha and this blue suit to Disha even. A Heavy necklace only gives gorgeous to girl disha; to more information click here. Dark Blue velvet color blouse with open hairstyle.
                Blue Saree
                 Heavy Georgette saree
Heavy Georgette Saree that is most popular nowadays because that is wear by Disha in her wedding days, a type of silver color saree and the same design belt you can even compare with georgette heavy blouse, a mangalsutra and simply ring.
                   Georgette Saree
Through this photo you can clarify more of jewellery but not get earrings because of her open hairstyle. You get more products of women collection here