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Blouse which is durable more in summer that is having best cloth material and lots more variety spices of it. There are a numbers of blouse and many types of silk that are more preferred. Fantam Silk, Banarasi Silk, South Silk, Heavy Silk, Bangalore Silk, Rajwadi Silk Design, Mulberry Silk, Dola Silk etc. 


This Silk is mainly from banaras and used all over India. This silk is most innovative and suits every woman in Wedding. The Banarasi silk yellow blouse little border design with allover pattern of golden color which is trending on Bollywood further added more to this silk blouse that sleeve is inside available and upto "34 to 40 inch". 

    Banarasi silk blouse  


This silk is more beautiful and Maggam's Work on it makes it more attractive to blouse. These are newly in the market and selling of this silk is more with the best design of it. For its demand and trending also in Film Industry; one can have willingness to buy it as soon as possible. 

      Green Fantam Silk Blouse

The sleeve of Fantam Silk blouse is work with heavy material such as Codding, Coin, Moti (pearl) of copper color, 12 wire (that is used for making sleeve of any cloth), Golden Thread and Aari Work. Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Sky Blue, Purple, Green and more colors with easy reach. 

    Sleeve Fantam Blouse


Mulberry Silk is most popular in all over India. The vast textile market is working with this silk which is produced in India; The Work of the blouse theme is Elephant design that is famous nowadays. A Golden thread, Heavy Stone and embroidered work is used.colors are also on grabs. This silk is also known as Handloom Silk. Below given blouse you can see with a long sleeve and backside is elephant pattern and the front side is plain.

     Black Mulberry Blouse


Bangalore silk is specialized for its Simplicity, Purity, and texture Smooth Cold cloth; it is produced by silk farms of Bangalore and Karnataka. So it is named as Bangalore Silk; Pink color Square mirror work done and professional stitch which suits every woman.

       Bangalore silk blouse


Heavy silk blouse is made with specialized material and embroidered machine design full sleeve elbow grease. This is always worn by brides at weddings since it makes them gorgeous to them. So it is a heavy silk blouse of silk.

      Heavy Silk blouse


This Dola silk blouse is specially designed so that women can wear it even in festivals and most probably it is worn in festivals only. Mainly two different colors of cloth material is used to make this blouse because of the effect given towards the contrast color of the blouse. You get more clear to see in the image below. The facility of rope backside and collar with fancy buttons. 

                     Dola Silk Blouse


Sequence means in order or in series that make sense to this blouse; hence in this Sequence blouse you find that design is arranged in one order. The Sequence blouse is full stitched with georgette work done. Around 15 colors are available even in free size. 

    Sequence blouse


Paper mirror work is too trendy and was mainly followed after Madhuri Dixit when she wore it in Dance Deewane. A Whole blouse is designed with different shapes of paper mirror. Many colors of paper mirror and colors are obtainable; this is also known as foil blouse which gives a trendy look to your way. 'v' shaped neck with short sleeves. Heavy Bangalore sartin. 

      Paper mirror work

As I mentioned earlier this Foil Blouse is in demand after being worn by the actress of India (Madhuri Dixit). 

     Madhuri Dixit Paper Mirror  


Embroidered blouse is made with a particular machine that only deals with embroidered design. White Color blouse has mostly golden color work and zari thread is done. Round neck whole heavy golden color worked & rope at backside.

    White Embroidered Blouse


Georgette blouse is finally dealt with piping on the blouse same as the color of the saree; the best printing of flowers is printed which is worn with plain saree.

                    Printed Georgette Blouse  

The off shoulder fashion is now even in blouses.The good mirror hand work is bordered with the same color of the saree. The plain saree is usually worn.

                  Off shoulder blouse

These Are All About The Blouse And Its Type That Suits Every Women In Festival As Well As In Wedding. The Best Collection Of The Blouse Of Newly Updated (2020-2021).